A quick ‘no’ is better than a slow ‘yes’

By Erika von Kaschke

“A quick no is better than a slow yes” was the advice a good friend recently gave me after I felt a bit unclear about which path I should take in business.

Once these words sink in one realises that this measure of a “quick no” dramatically reduces the amount of head space one gives to a decision, giving you more energy to focus on the definite ‘yes’ roads you want to take.

The other advantage of this method is that it removes the hard task of extracting yourself from a decision that clearly was not in your best interest, because let’s face it, if you have to take the time to mull over a yes you did not really want to commit to that path.

In the past I have found that I would often go for a ‘slow yes’ when it came to friends or long-term business colleagues. Many people have lost good friends because of the inability to say a quick ‘no’.

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